Glossary of Curling Terms

The following terms and definitions are used throughout the curling world.

BACKLINE The line across the ice at the back of the house.  Stones which are over this line are removed from play.

BITER A stone that just touches the outer edge of the circles.

BLANK END An end in which no points have been scored.

BONSPIEL A curling competition or tournament.

BRUSH A device used to sweep the ice in the path of a moving stone.

BURNED STONE A stone in motion touched by a member of either team, or any part of their equipment.  Burned stones are removed from play.

BUTTON The circle at the centre of the house.

COUNTER Any stone in the rings or touching the rings which is a potential point.

CURL The amount a rock bends while travelling down the sheet of ice.

DRAW WEIGHT The momentum required for a stone to reach the house or cirlces at the distant end.

END A portion of a curling game that is completed when each team has thrown eight stones and the score has been decided.

GUARD A stone that is placed in a position so that it may protect another stone.

HACKS The foot-holds at each end of the ice from which the stone is delivered.

HEAVY A rock delivered with a greater force than necessary.

HIT A take-out. Removal of a stone from the playing area by hitting it with another stone.

HOG LINE A line 10 meters from the hack at each end of the ice.

HOGGED STONE A stone that does not reach the far hog line. It must be removed from play.

HOUSE The rings or circles toward which play is directed consisting of a 12-foot ring, 8-foot ring, 4-foot ring and a button.

IN-TURN The rotation applied to the handle of a stone that causes it to rotate in a clockwise direction and curl for a right-handed curler.

LEAD The first player on a team to deliver a pair of stones for his/her team in each end.

OUT-TURN The rotation applied to the handle of a stone that causes it to turn and curl in a counter-clockwise direction for a right-handed curler.

PEBBLE A fine spray of water applied to a sheet of curling ice before commencing play.

RAISE When one stone is bumped ahead by another.

ROLL The movement of a curling stone after it has struck a stationary stone in play.

SECOND The curler who delivers the second pair of stones for hi/her team in each end.

SHEET The specific playing surface upon which a curling game is played.

SHOT ROCK At any time during an end, the stone closest to the button.

SKIP The player who determines the strategy, and directs play for the team.  The skip delivers the last pair of stones for his/her team in each end.

SPARE An alternate player or substitute.

SLIDER Slippery material placed on the sole of the shoe, to make it easier to slide on the ice.

SWEEPING The action of moving a broom or brush back and forth in the path of a moving stone.

TAKE OUT Removal of a stone from the playing area by hitting it with another stone.

TEE LINE The line that passes through the centre of the house parallel to the hog line and backline.

THIRD, VICE-SKIP OR MATE The third player on a team to throw two stones in each end.  Generally this player acts as the skip when the skip is delivering his/her stones and assists with shot selection decisions.

WEIGHT The amount of force given to the stone during the delivery.

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